" I believe we are not here on this earth to get as shredded as possible, to have abs, or to take the best Instagram selfie. I would rather be a healthy person and enjoy my life rather than worry constantly if I have abs." - Jessi Lee

Do you feel like there is never enough time to get an effective workout in during the day?

Do you feel like you need to reach a certain goal before you can accept your body?

Do you feel intimidated by the weight room or the gym environment?

Do you feel lost? Like you don't know what information to believe about nutrition and exercising?


Then you've come to the right coach.

join me, and...

we will take care of our bodies because we love our bodies

we will appreciate what our bodies are capable of

we will get stronger

we will get healthier with no bullshit "yo-yo" dieting

i will coach you as a unique individual for what your body is designed for

we will share the love and appreciation we have for ourselves by sharing love with others. 


Do you want to join me? 

Online Coaching


6 week customized program - $250

8 week customized program - $325   

12 week customized program - $400  


Customized Workout Program tailored to you and your goals that is designed to fit your lifestyle.

Nutritional Advice PDF - Options for counting macros, what foods to eat and when, how to not become pre-diabetic, education on how the body responds to certain food, and more.

Access to me via email or Skype.

Friday morning weigh-ins & food log report via email.




In Person Training


1 session/week     

2 sessions/week   

3 sessions/week   

4 sessions/week   



1 hour session in a private training studio. (Brighton, MI)

Customized Workouts tailored to you and your goals.

Nutrition Coaching (optional) 



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