Miranda - 2 Days/Week   hypertrophy/high intensity training


"I could easily come to the gym and workout on my own, but the reason I train with Jessica is because she pushes me to do things I wouldn't necessarily do on my own." - Miranda


tanya - 1 Day/Week   high intensity functional training

"After a workout with Jessica, you're never wondering if you've had a good workout. You know it! Your legs feel like jelly, and you can barely walk or sit down the next day. After a few weeks, I've already started to notice muscle definition. I love it!!" - Tanya


Marina - 1 day/week    Heavy Hypertrophy training

“I started to train with Jessi because I knew she could push me to a new level. She's more than a trainer, I've gained a good friend. She knows how to push me and make me love why I started to work out and I've seen such amazing result with her.” - Marina 


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