My Clients Experience

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I do not follow your typical “flexible dieting” or “ macro counting” approach to achieving a healthier lifestyle.

When competing in bodybuilding, I was introduced to macro counting and then flexible dieting. After tons of research and experience, I have learned that although people can see progress with these methods, the progress is not TRUE progress. Long term, these methods are very taxing on your body and can be detrimental to your health. When working with me, you will be educated on why I believe this and how the current medical science shows it to be true.

I always have my clients best interest at heart. I make your program customized to you and your individual goals. I work with your schedule and make sure you're getting the most out of your workout and nutrition plan, whether we are working in person, one on one, or through an online program.

You get what you put into the program. If you give me 100% effort, you will get that back from me as a coach AND it will show in your progress throughout the program.

Nutrition Plans

When it comes to nutrition plans, my goal is to work with you and NOT make you feel like I’m forcing you to work with my plan. This is about your journey, I’m just here to guide you along the way.

I do not write meal plans, but I am happy to assist you in designing your own meal plan around your goals. I am always available for my clients to ask questions or help regarding their nutrition. You can also check out my Nutritional Advice PDF which gives a boat load of information on nutrition, what you need to know for beginners, and how to best take care of your body through foods!

Workout Plans

Training programs differ between person to person, depending on your goals and what your body is physically capable of when we start working together.

I have clients that focus on lifting heavy to get stronger, some of them focus on hypertrophy and aerobics to tone up and others endurance training. Some of my client’s goals are to simply get to a place to where they don’t have to take medications anymore.

I do NOT create a one program that fits all. This is about YOU and YOUR life. You tell me what you want out of it and I'll put all of my knowledge and efforts into making the perfect program for YOU.

I take your medical history into consideration when creating your entire program. We will focus on everything from past injuries to the medications you are currently taking to your body’s response to foods.

So, think we are a good fit? Don’t hesitate to Set Up a Consultation.

 Let’s get fit, together!


NOTICE: I do not work with anyone under the age of 18 or who cope with certain major health issues. Please e-mail me for questions regarding this at



"What should I expect when working with you Online?"

Being an Online Client of mine means weekly check ins via email. You'll send me progress pictures, current weight, a food journal, and workout journal. We will schedule a Facetime/Skype call once a week to make any changes to the program if necessary, to assure you're on the right direction towards your goals, and whatever else I sense you need from me. As my client you have all access to me whenever it's needed, wether you have questions for me, need some motivation, or want to share your latest fitness accomplishments!

"What should I expect when training with you in person?

When working with me in person, I make a customized workout plan for you that we work on together in the gym. I offer nutrition guidance customized to you and your lifestyle as well, where I'll have you start a food journal so I can help guide you in the right direction with what you're eating daily. We meet weekly at The Training Room; which is a PRIVATE studio I train out of in Brighton, MI. I do monthly check-ins with you, where we get your current weight & measurements. Based off of your monthly check- in, I make changes to your program if it's necessary. 

"Do you work with people who have knee/shoulder/back/neck/etc. problems?"

Yes I do and I have worked with many individuals dealing with these injuries. All I ask is that you have clearance from your doctor to do some form of exercise/activity. I can work around/with most injuries. I can easily make modifications to your workout plan to work around the injury or if a certain movement doesn't feel right for you. 

"Do you work with people who are obese?"

Yes I do, that is not a problem at all. 

"Do you have payment options?"

Yes, I do offer payment plans for both online and in person clients. If you'd like more information on that, please feel free to email me at