What YOU need to know about Flexible dieting & counting Macros (that no one wants to tell you)...

My friends, this post just might save your life (but really) and help you on your fitness journey 

First off, what is flexible dieting & counting Macros?

Also known as If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) - this is a method of tracking macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, and fats) within a day. It allows you to eat whatever foods you choose as long as you’re hitting a certain range of calories at the prescribed macros for that day.

Sounds like the best method ever right? You get to eat what you want while still losing weight or bulking (depending on the goal).

A problem I have come across that is not talked about often is your SUGAR CONSUMPTION. 

Friends, your sugar intake is sooo important. But hardly anyone mentions tracking sugar with your macros for the day.

Let me explain WHY sugar can be so bad...

When we consume sugar or a food that has a high Glycemic Index, it spikes our insulin levels in our body. Although that can be helpful for certain parts of the day (post workout), when we are constantly spiking our insulin levels in our body we are storing fat!!! Also, not to mention that this ongoing spike of insulin is putting the body into a pre-diabetic state; which can lead to weight gain later on, and neurodegeneration (ever heard of Alzheimer's?)

Long story short, I have nothing against counting Macros. I think it’s a great method for those of us that need it to keep an eye on what we are consuming in a day, but it’s not the key to achieving your goals.

Just remember that counting macros is not an excuse for you to eat without thinking.

Jessica Golding