These past few months of my existence have been astonishing. I’ve been finding more of myself and becoming more self aware. My open mindedness has brought more knowledge and understanding of my health, my perspective on life, and my overall wellbeing. I am truly grateful for the life I’ve been given on this planet. Here, right now.

So what has changed and how?

First, it was being so open minded that taught me more about the world and what I believe to be true.

My perspective on life has brought me unlimited happiness, gratitude, and love for myself and other human beings.

For someone like myself, I used to not see the beauty in the consciousness of this world. I was not at peace, always putting my success in my business above all, self identifying with my business’ success, worrying WAY to much about what my family and friends (even strangers) thought of my decisions, and wasn’t calm in any sense. I basically wasn’t connected with my true self. 

It all changed when I opened my mind. I surrounded myself with people and places on this planet that would mold my perspective on life. When I say “people”, I mean real humans that have had influence on my mind. Humans such as @nickstumphauzer to @eckhartolle, and every genuine human being in between.

I learned the difference between a genuine human being and an “Instagram influencer” who bought their followers.

Moral of the story: I am at peace with my mind, with the world we live in, and with the understanding that it is rare to exist here on this planet.

This perspective change has made me genuinely happy, all the time.

I made my mental and physical health my top priority. My business is not to make money or to have a “following” on social.

My business is to express my perspective on the world and on human beings, and I hope to help so many of you become healthy to stay on this planet long enough to have a chance to realize its true, underlying beauty.

Jessica Golding