These past few months of my existence have been astonishing. I’ve been finding more of myself and becoming more self aware. My open mindedness has brought more knowledge and understanding of my health, my perspective on life, and my overall wellbeing. I am truly grateful for the life I’ve been given on this planet. Here, right now.

So what has changed and how?

First, it was being so open minded that taught me more about the world and what I believe to be true.

My perspective on life has brought me unlimited happiness, gratitude, and love for myself and other human beings.

For someone like myself, I used to not see the beauty in the consciousness of this world. I was not at peace, always putting my success in my business above all, self identifying with my business’ success, worrying WAY to much about what my family and friends (even strangers) thought of my decisions, and wasn’t calm in any sense. I basically wasn’t connected with my true self. 

It all changed when I opened my mind. I surrounded myself with people and places on this planet that would mold my perspective on life. When I say “people”, I mean real humans that have had influence on my mind. Humans such as @nickstumphauzer to @eckhartolle, and every genuine human being in between.

I learned the difference between a genuine human being and an “Instagram influencer” who bought their followers.

Moral of the story: I am at peace with my mind, with the world we live in, and with the understanding that it is rare to exist here on this planet.

This perspective change has made me genuinely happy, all the time.

I made my mental and physical health my top priority. My business is not to make money or to have a “following” on social.

My business is to express my perspective on the world and on human beings, and I hope to help so many of you become healthy to stay on this planet long enough to have a chance to realize its true, underlying beauty.


Have you ever ate a healthy meal, like a whole grain sandwich with low fat cheese and some meat, and felt terrible body pains afterwards? Maybe some unnecessary bloating?

I sure as hell have.

So I opened my mind to educate myself on the human body, how it responds to what is done to it and what goes into it. And boy was I doing it all wrong..

So what changes did I make in my nutrition and training?

I cut out all dairy and gluten products. I thought this would be impossible, but the day came to where I said “ This is killing me, inside out, and I want to experience this world for as long as I can”. So I cut it out of my diet. It wasn’t cold turkey, first was dairy and main bread sources. Then after a couple months everything else started weening out of my diet without me really even noticing.

It was a tough transition to make, but I wouldn’t change a thing because my body has never felt so good.

My migraines were gone. My stomach pains and excessive bloating went away. I had energy.

I have never felt so alive and healthy. 

I am truly grateful to have made this decision now, instead of making this transition when I’m 35 years old and it’s too late for me because I have become pre-diabetic.

With this change in my nutrition, I also got off medications. I was on Birth control for 3-ish years. It wasn’t until I found out by doctors information, that I was damaging my body in the long run. Ladies, if you take birth control… not only does it cause your body to hold onto weight, it increases chances for cancer when you’re older, it makes our menopause 10x worse, and it can also cause issues with fertility. 

As soon as I dropped the BC I lost 4lbs in less than 2 months.

On top of fueling my body properly, taking care of my skin, mentally getting stronger, and physically training 4 days a week in the gym… I now feel like wonder women. 

My conclusion:

The fitness industry is messed up. They lie to you and will tell you that what we are doing as a society to “diet” is the right thing. They will tell you that “Sugar-free” is a healthier option. They will tell you that training 7 days a week is what you need to do to get your health in order.They make you feel like you need to be a certain size to be healthy. They will post charts of what is the right way to train or make a meal plan, etc. They will make you think they’re an influencer because they have over 100k followers. But we don’t think to ask if they buy their following or not.

It took me years to realize this, but I couldn’t be more grateful for the perspective i have now and the knowledge I can share with you to help everyone understand the world we live in. I promise you that there is beauty in the consciousness of the world; all you have to do is open your mind. 


What YOU need to know about Flexible dieting & counting Macros (that no one wants to tell you)...

My friends, this post just might save your life (but really) and help you on your fitness journey 💪🏻

First off, what is flexible dieting & counting Macros??? 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Also known as If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) - this is a method of tracking macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, and fats) within a day. It allows you to eat whatever foods you choose as long as you’re hitting a certain range of calories at the prescribed macros for that day.

Sounds like the best method ever right? You get to eat what you want while still losing weight or bulking (depending on the goal).

A problem I have come across that is not talked about often is your SUGAR CONSUMPTION. 

Friends, your sugar intake is sooo important. But hardly anyone mentions tracking sugar with your macros for the day.

Let me explain WHY sugar can be so bad...

When we consume sugar or a food that has a high Glycemic Index, it spikes our insulin levels in our body. Although that can be helpful for certain parts of the day (post workout), when we are constantly spiking our insulin levels in our body we are storing fat!!! Also, not to mention that this ongoing spike of insulin is putting the body into a pre-diabetic state; which can lead to weight gain later on, and neurodegeneration (ever heard of Alzheimer's?)

Long story short, I have nothing against counting Macros. I think it’s a great method for those of us that need it to keep an eye on what we are consuming in a day, but it’s not the key to achieving your goals.

Just remember that counting macros is not an excuse for you to eat without thinking.