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Jessica Lee

nasm Certified Personal Trainer 

online | in home | private studio 


About Jess

My fitness journey began during high school. My passion for fitness developed when I discovered it gave me the power to break free from unhealthy relationships and begin my own mental growth and change in perspective. Audible books are always in my ears, helping me to expand my mind and grow as a woman. Hiking is my meditation, and family is my soul food.

I care deeply about my client's mindset and their reason for training with me. If you're not training out of love of your body and a desire for improvement, I strive to help you adopt that mentality. I stress positivity and mindfullness as much as I do motivation and hard work. Training is part of my life now - to maintain a healthy physique while also to develop a more peaceful mind. 

I'm not YouTube clickbait, I'm not here for the fame or the sponsorships, I'm not here for the cliques or for your opinion of me. This is not a game for me to get to the top of the fitness industry - I've been around those at the top, it's not a place I aspire to be at. I will teach you what I have learned. I'll be honest with you. I will communicate without superficial bullshit, that isn't who I am nor who I will ever be. 

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I spent two years competing in bodybuilding before I got into personal training. In 2016 I competed in my first bikini competition (Nicole Wilkon's Classic) after 8+ months of training and working closely with multiple coaches..

My passion evolved within those few years of my life, and I discovered the joy I got from helping others reach their own health & fitness goals. Soon after I finished my competition season, I got certified for personal training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and started helping as many people as I could, and I didn't look back.

I worked in a corporate style gym, working with 35+ clients. Later on I decided I wanted to strive to make my own business out of this passion, and here I am. I currently train out of a private studio in Brighton, MI and offer online programs as well. I only take on certain clients that I work very closely with. I truly love my job and I enjoy working with such awesome human beings, like yourself.  

If you're interested in working together, please don't hesitate to reach out to me! I would love to chat with you and see if we are a good fit to work together.

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Client Reviews

I could easily come to the gym and workout on my own, but the reason I train with Jessica is because she pushes me to do things I wouldn’t necessarily do on my own.
— Miranda S
After a workout with Jessica, you’re never wondering if you’ve had a good workout. You know it! Your legs feel like jelly, and you can barely walk or sit down the next day. After a few weeks, I’ve already started to notice muscle definition. I love it!!
— Tanya G
I started to train with Jessi because I knew she could push me to a new level. She’s more than a trainer, I’ve gained a good friend. She knows how to push me and make me love why I started to work out and I’ve seen such amazing result with her.
— Marina B